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Swamp Rats
at the Duckpond

For the past three years I have been sharing my garden with a passing parade of indigenous swamp rats (rattus lutreolus), and although I have only been able to observe them from inside the house, they have visited daily and given me a delightful opportunity to observe their life cycles and individual personalities.

There just HAD to be a book!

Further details and photos can be found here

The book is covered with paper made (by me) from the stems of the kangaroo paw plants
through which the rats make their 'above ground tunnels'

The book contains 22 photos (professionally printed and mounted with acid free tape)
to illustrate the accompanying story of the swamp rats live as I have observed them.

The book is constructed with three signatures, each wrapped in handmade paper
made fom the native tussock grasses through which they travel daily.

The pages are laser printed on 120gsm paper and dyed with tea to create a patchy earthy look.

The spine is brown suede, reinforced with Tyvek and stitched with a design from one of
Keith Smith's Non-Adhesive Bookbinding books
Price A$200, plus A$10.00 postage & packing in Australia
Preferred method of payment in Australia is direct bank deposit

Overseas orders

Please email for any further information
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