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No Chickens
at the Duckpond

There were NEVER going to be chickens at the Duckpond as 'someone' found them 'creepy'.
However, after fostering 'someone's' sister's chickens while their house was being built, the original owners
were reluctant to retrieve the happy free roaming band, and 'someone' was eventually
very gently persuaded to 'offer' to build me the most wonderful 'Chookery'.

The covers for this book are made from 'Leathercraft' papers, individually printed
using a gelatine print design of stylized trees and eggs.


In our first ever collaboration, my sister Teresa Howie has created a series of whimsical
watercolours and line drawings to illustrate my story of the chickens that were never going to living
at the Duckpond!

The text pages are inkjet printed on 210gsm Commodore paper and handbound
with an exposed spine Coptic binding.
The edition is limited to fifty copies.

The story in this book was written continuously during 2016
Gardening with such enthusiastic helpers, I fear there may be more to come!


I think anyone who has ever lived with chickens will understand and enjoy this book.
With copies already around Australia and overseas, don't miss out on a copy!

Jonni reluctantly took this photo of me looking rather smug
with little bantam Maisie.
Price A$55, plus A$10.00 postage & packing in Australia
Preferred method of payment in Australia is direct bank deposit

Overseas orders

Please email for any further information
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