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How to
Speak New Zillund

A handbook for anyone planning a visit to the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'
I have to say that I would never have contemplated 'taking the mickey' out of my kiwi family
if I hadn't come across a page of 'How to Speak New Zillund' in a Hawkes Bay newspaper
while visiting my son and his family. I felt this gave me permission to make my own version.

Individual pen drawings in walnut ink identified the front of the book.

This is a simple binding, with the five sections individually pamphlet stitched
through the spine and knotted on the outside before being plaited together.
I used pearl embroidery thread in a couple of different colours.

The title page and test on the other pages
was laser printed.

The walnut ink upper case letters were individually
brush lettered with added fine li
after printing before binding.

The best moment of all. Completion of the edition.

Price A$50,plus postage & packing in Australia
Preferred method of payment in Australia is direct bank deposit
Overseas orders
email and I will send you a PayPal invoice
Please email for any further information

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