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Haiku Seasons

With this book I have used a simple approach with the emphasis this year being on the paper itself.
Of course the book needed content, so I turned once again to my favourite haiku masters
and my simple illustrations of the four seasons

The cover for this book is paper made from recycled mat board.
After each layer was couched onto the cloths, string was laid across the top
and left in place as the next sheet was added.
The strings formed curving lines of varying depths depending how far down in the post they were.

The finished book measures 9.5 x 14cm

The small blue sheets of paper were made from recycled cotton denim jeans.
This paper is delightfully soft, yet extremely tough - hardly surprising I suppose.
I had just taken delivery of my amazing small Xpress Xcut press and was keen to try it.
I quickly cut a dragonfly fly in lino and used a thin layer of Charbonnel Aqua Wash ink.
I didn't want the white ink so thick it would obscure the texture or colour of the paper.

My drawings always work best if I just accept that I can only do what I can fish out of my head.
Obviously my brain holds no complex images!

Haiku poems from the ancient Japanese masters have given me joy
for many years, and I write using a steel nib and freshly ground Japanese stick ink
which smells absolutely beautiful while I work.


I try to include a complete colophon of materials and methods used in my books.

It's a wonderful moment when I can line up the whole edition
and know that my task has once again been completed.
Please email for any further information
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