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Leaf Magic Books

These books are created with a cover of a print the same size as those in the Long Prints gallery.
The closed book size is 180 x 140 x 20mm. Allowance has been made so that images
or photos can be mounted within the book without bulging at the fore-edge.
They are ideal for journals or notebooks as the text block is made from Magnani Verlata Avorio paper.
The binding is hand stitched to a design by Keith Smith from his book 'Non Adhesive Bindings'.
Any of the prints in the Long Prints gallery can be made into books to order.

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The covers of the books feature prints back, front, and some also on the inner covers.
Here is a sample photo with scans below of the opened books showing back and front covers
Photos below show the books opened out flat for scanning
Book No. 287
Saunders 300gsm Arches H/P 300gsm
Juvenile leaves from Tasmanian Blue Gum
$55 + p.p. $10
within Australia
Book No. 120
Arches H/P 300gsm Arches H/P 300gsm
Leaves from euc.pulverulenta and tree fern
$55 + p.p. $10
within Australia

Book No. 95
Arches H/P 300gsm Arches H/P 300gsm
Leaves from euc.sideroxylon (Ironbark)
$55 + p.p.
$10 within Australia